Lovers of flamenco, wine and fine food are almost obliged to visit Tiempo de Gitanos – Tablao Flamenco, a passionate ingredient of the nocturnal life of Palermo Hollywood . To the rhythm of guitars and the  vehemence of the dancers, offering an outstanding show, enjoy a top class Spanish meal.

Amongst so many nocturnal options available , Tiempo de Gitanos is an invitation to enjoy the best of flamenco and Spanish cuisine.
A gift for body and soul !!!

TIEMPO DE GITANOS - Tablao Flamenco
EL SALVADOR 5575 - Palermo Hollywood
Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA

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Tiempo de Gitanos – Tablao Flamenco has always maintained an authentic show, conserving a truly pure and genuine version of flamenco dance andsong. It is an invitation to travel throughout Spain via its flamenco and delicious cuisine. 
A gift for body and soul !!!

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Palermo Hollywood is a must . And for those lovers of Flamenco
Tiempo de Gitanos is, without any doubts, one of the best options.

A great stage and its warm ambience create the adequate scenery for the dinner & show including well-known artists of this genre, every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundeys at 10pm.

While enjoying the show you can taste a selection of Spanish coucine  dishes  and  great wines to go with them.